High Performance Mindfulness is the brainchild of Australia’s most respected mindset coach Emma Murray.
It’s the secret weapon used by high performers to give them their edge and it can also help you nail it when the pressure’s on... at work, at school, in your sport and life!
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High Performance Mindfulness
Helps students develop the mindset and thinking patterns to bring their best to their studies and life beyond!
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You may not be an AFL player… race car driver or aspiring athlete, but because you’re human, you’ll have the same fears of failure, judgement and expectation as the rest of us.

High Performance Mindfulness helps overcome the unhelpful thinking that can sabotage our performance and builds the mindset to help us deliver at our best when the pressure’s on… whether that’s a business presentation, an exam or a shot at goal.

The practice is grounded in the science and art of mindfulness and high performance psychology, and tried and tested in life.


Emma Murray

Emma is sought-after by ASX 100 corporations, senior executives and the education sector for her unique High Performance Mindfulness program that drives sustainable improvements in performance, by providing the skills and tools that enable participants to bring their ‘A-Game’ to high-pressure moments.

Having established her reputation in the high-stakes world of elite sports, Emma has tailored her practice for people who are looking to perform at their best – no matter what life throws at them.

Online Courses

Want to unleash the high performer in you? Choose from one of our short, online courses presented by mindset coach Emma Murray and get access to the tips and tools that will give you an unfair advantage.


If you’re a senior school student, then this course is for you. It is specifically designed to help students cope and thrive under the pressure of the final years of school and to give you an ATAR edge.


If you’re a company or professional looking to develop a sustainable, competitive advantage through high performance mindset training, explore our corporate course here.


Trying to find an edge in your sport and in your performance… but are maxed out physically?
Perhaps it’s your mental fitness where the greatest opportunities lie. Our minds are like a muscle – this course will help you train it.


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