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Get A Head Start

Whether you’re a social golfer, a casual jogger or a professional athlete, where you place your focus determines how you perform in the moment. If your mind goes to nerves, pain, fatigue, pressure or expectation, your performance will suffer. This 90 minute pre-recorded webinar by Australia’s leading mindset coach Emma Murray, introduces athletes to the foundation principle of High Performance Mindfulness - training your focus.
Once we develop the ability to hold our attention in the moment, we reduce the distractions that can sabotage our efforts – and that is when you can unleash your best performance. PLUS you'll have access to bonus resources and athlete interviews.

This is ideal for: People who play sport

'A-Game' Exams

This Masterclass includes a 60 minute pre-recorded webinar: Bring Your A-Game to Your Exams plus key resources from Emma Murray’s High Performance Mindfulness education program designed to help students excel in exams and assessments. Including Emma’s one-page exams tip sheet, our top 10 ‘Help Me’ videos – offering simple strategies to overcome the things that are stressing you out, plus four guided breathing exercises and more.

This is ideal for: Senior Students