Imagine you could perform more productively and effectively more often – despite the demands and pressures of the workplace…and life generally.

Here’s the good news...Emma Murray’s High Performance Mindfulness course can help you do just that.

Did you know?

  • 85%

of employees worldwide are not engaged or are actively disengaged in their job.

State of the Global Workplace Report – Gallup

This is a very real problem that impacts both individual and company-wide performance.

High Performance Mindfulness can help you and your business achieve sustainable improvements in performance which will not only improve wellbeing…it will give you a competitive edge.

How will this program help?

Traditionally, enterprises have focused on competency training – which builds valuable skills to facilitate performance, however, High Performance Mindfulness focuses on building the mindset that allows people to access and apply their technical skills more effectively – especially when under pressure.

It's grounded in the science and art of mindfulness and high-performance psychology and it will give your business an unfair advantage.

High Performance Mindfulness can help:

Optimise performance and efficiency

Increase ownership and accountability

Elevate focus and productivity

Enhance leadership

Improve collaboration and communication

Decrease fear, negativity, blame, and criticism

Cultivate employee happiness and retention

Improve innovation and creativity

Create a culture of excellence

Meet your Coach

Emma Murray

We put so much time and effort into building our skillset and competencies through training and education…but let ourselves down by not knowing how to manage our mindset from which we deliver our skills and knowledge.

I’ve been working with CEOs, professionals and enterprises for over a decade helping them to train their ‘mind muscle’ to unlock greater productivity, efficiency and performance.

High Performance Mindfulness gives you the mindset skills and thinking patterns to lead and execute at your very best everyday.

High Performance Mindfulness Clients

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