Beating Burnout

Everyday life can be tough and unfortunately burnout has become the norm not the exception for many of us.

It’s like we’re carrying around a bucket full of it and it doesn’t take much for our stress to overflow. Does this sound like you?

There are ways to get on top of your burnout and to stop you getting stuck in the repeated stress cycles that are holding you back and keeping you in a constant state of fatigue, emotional upheaval and the loop of unhelpful ‘self-talk’.

Throughout this program you’ll receive coaching from Australia’s leading performance mindset coach Emma Murray. You’ll learn some of the High Performance Mindfulness tools that Emma teaches her corporate clients and elite athletes and you’ll walk away with greater emotional regulation, focus and engagement.

Emma will help you empty your stress bucket with simple tools and strategies to ensure you stay on top of your burnout and set you up with positive actions when you need them most.

This is ideal for: Anyone!

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Packaged with bonus resources

Get Over Overthinking

Are you feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, stress, or worry? Is your pursuit of perfection leaving you drained?
Do you find yourself constantly overthinking, replaying past events, or trying to predict future outcomes?
If so, join Emma Murray, Australia's leading performance mindset coach, for an invaluable masterclass on how to manage your overactive mind.
In this session, you'll understand why you're caught in this cycle of overthinking. You'll learn practical tools to override these unhelpful thought patterns, strategies to reduce stress and calm your nervous system, and ways to gain more control and clarity over your thoughts.

This is ideal for: Anyone

Master Your Performance Mindset

Join leading performance mindset coach Emma Murray, Olympic champion Cate Campbell, Test cricketer Will Pucovski and AFL superstar Christian Petracca for a pre-recorded masterclass on mastering your performance mindset.

No matter what sport you play, no matter what level you’re at, this webinar will give you rare insight to how to harness your mindset to achieve a performance edge. You’ll hear how Emma’s High Performance Mindfulness practice has enabled these three incredible athletes to perform at their best under the pressure of elite competition – and how it can also help you bring your best when it counts.

PLUS you'll have access to bonus resources and athlete interviews.

This is ideal for: People who play sport

'A-Game' Exams

This Masterclass includes a 60 minute pre-recorded webinar: Bring Your A-Game to Your Exams plus key resources from Emma Murray’s High Performance Mindfulness education program designed to help students excel in exams and assessments. Including Emma’s one-page exams tip sheet, our top 10 ‘Help Me’ videos – offering simple strategies to overcome the things that are stressing you out, plus four guided breathing exercises and more.

This is ideal for: Senior Students