Your mind is like a muscle​
When you train your mind like you train your body - that is when you tap into your best performance. Learn how Emma Murray’s online High Performance Mindfulness course can give you a performance edge.
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An athlete’s greatest potential lies in learning the art and skill of being present and bringing their best strengths and attributes to each and every moment - despite the pressure, expectation, fatigue, pain or nerves that they’re experiencing.

Training your mind is no different to training your body or your craft and the athletes that deliberately and purposefully commit to this process are the athletes who find a new edge over their competitors.

Did you know?

  • 47%

of the time our mind leaves the present moment.

This means that when we compete in our chosen sport we are not paying attention or are not fully engaged with what is happening for nearly half of the race, the match, or the training session we are competing in.

How will this program help?

The HPM course will help athletes:

Identify and apply your strengths when it matters most

Regain focus under fatigue and pressure

Accept and embrace the learning opportunity in mistakes and failure

Understand and overcome the demon of expectation

Maintain focus on the process

Tackle distraction of outcomes

Manage the physical and emotional pain of injuries and stress related set-backs

Improve performance and skill execution

Enhance sleep

Improve emotional regulation in “nerve-racking” big moments

Overcome fear of failure

Meet your Coach

Emma Murray

Emma’s work has been pivotal in Richmond Football Club’s transformation; Scott McLaughlin’s 2018, 2019 & 2020 Supercars Championships and his 2019 Bathurst 1000 win; Will Pucovski’s test cricket debut; as well as winning performances on the world and Olympic stage by individual clients in Formula1 development, cycling, gymnastics, cricket, track and field, rowing, basketball, rugby and golf.

As a former national-level netball player herself she understands what it takes physically to perform at the elite level… and as a mindfulness coach she has cracked the code on finding an edge through mindset.

“Our minds are like a muscle and when you train your mind like you train your body – that is when you tap into your best performance.” Says Emma.


Discover Your Self Identity

Having a clear understanding of your personal values and purpose is fundamental to delivering your best performance.

Our short 4-module Self Identity course will help you define how you want to ‘show-up’ in your sport and in life.

Join Emma Murray, Olympic champion Cate Campbell and three-time AFL premiership player David Astbury who will guide you through the process of getting to know yourself!

This course is the perfect precursor to the HPM Unleash Your Sports Performance program.

Emma Cate Dave

Hear how HPM has helped others nail it

During the course you will have access to exclusive interviews with some of Emma Murray’s high profile clients who share how High Performance Mindfulness has helped them win AFL Grand Finals, Supercars Championships and Olympic Gold medals.

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