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ABC Radio – This Weekend Life with Libbi Gorr

End of year exams are just around the corner so how can we help students study more productively and keep the nerves and pressure under control? Libbi Gorr chats with High Performance Mindfulness coach Emma Murray on why more study is not necessarily better and what techniques students can adopt to bring their best to their exams.

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Emma Murray on ‘Understanding Boys’

Emma Murray is a mum to four children –two of them boys. At the young age of 14, her eldest son Will – a talented footballer, basketballer and cyclist, suffered a tragic accident that left him with a quadriplegic injury. Emma has guided Will’s rehabilitation and family vision for the future –drawing on her High Performance Mindfulness practice to face life-changing challenges. In this podcast, Emma chats to Dr Ray Swan from Brighton Grammar about her journey.

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NSW Swifts Mindset Coach -Emma Murray on ‘The Netty Life’

In their quest to lift the Super Netball trophy this year the NSW Swifts engaged a secret weapon midway through the season. After losing three of their first seven games, including an upset to Adelaide Thunderbirds, the team decided they needed a shift in mindset if they were going to have a crack at the title. Enter Emma Murray.

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Hamish McLachlan one-on-one with Emma Murray

In this candid interview Hamish McLachlan chats with HPM founder Emma Murray on how her family has coped with the devastation of her son’s spinal cord injury, her remarkable impact on the Richmond football club …and the time Dustin Martin gave her son Will his Norm Smith medal.

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Emma Murray and Danny Kennedy

Emma Murray on The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast

HPM founder Emma Murray joined Danny Kennedy on his podcast unpicking the concept of gratitude vs acceptance, how to re-frame unhelpful events or circumstances in your life and how to perform under pressure. Here’s a teaser…check out the full episode on iTunes and Spotify. Thanks for having us Danny!

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Dyl & Friends

Emma Murray on Dyl & Friends

HPM founder Emma Murray chatted with Dylan Buckley on the Dyl & Friends podcast. Thanks for having Em on the show Dyl! Check it out on Spotify & iTunes and YouTube Premier.

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Channel 7

Emma Murray is the secret behind the success of some of the country’s top athletes and is now helping everyday Aussie’s achieve their goals. Watch Emma’s interview on 7 News.

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