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Emma Murray’s short online High Performance
Mindfulness course will give you the mindset
to excel in your final years of school – see how…
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Emma Murray’s short online High Performance Mindfulness course will give you the mindset to excel in your final years of school – see how…
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You’re at the pointy end…
the final years of school.

The pressure’s on and you’re worried about stuffing it up, letting your parents down, not getting the ATAR you need to get into the course you want…or maybe you’re overwhelmed with everything on your plate…or can’t stop procrastinating…or looking at social media. Your mind is filled with all the things that could go wrong.

But what if there was a way to overcome the thoughts that threaten to sabotage you? And not just ‘get through’ your last years of school, but actually pull-out your best performance yet?

Here’s the good news…this short online course will help you do just that.

Did you know?

  • 76%

of students experience ‘worrying’ or ‘extreme’ levels of exam stress

  • 66%

of students do not seek external help for exam stress

  • 34%

of students say concern about securing their preferred tertiary course was feeding their exam stress

ReachOut Study, January 2020

How will this program help?

Emma Murray’s High Performance Mindfulness course will help students:

­­Identify and apply their strengths when it matters most

Bounce-back from mistakes

Tackle procrastination

Overcome social media distraction

Regain focus

Build mental resilience, to feel more confident and capable

Improve study and exam performance

Enhance sleep quality

Improve emotional awareness and presence which helps build positive family and social relationships

Hear from Teachers & Students from our partner schools

Meet your Coach

Emma Murray

Like every parent or carer you want your kids to do the very best they can. I’m a mum of four, so I’ve had first-hand experience with the highs and lows of this important stage in their education.

I’ve been working with schools and years 11 and 12 students for over a decade helping them to perform at their best under the immense pressure and expectation of their final school years. My online program will not only help your child manage their stress levels but can actually give them a performance edge.

What you'll get



A clear understanding of why your mind tends to focus on the bad-stuff, the scary stuff, the things that could go wrong… and how you can ‘hack it’ towards more productive, helpful thoughts.


Simple daily practices that help build your toolkit of tricks to help you blitz it when you need it most… like coping with the pressure of exams, overwhelming study schedules, fear of failure, the burden of expectation during your final years of school.


Access to over 20 ‘Help-me’ videos tackling the most common Year 11 and 12 concerns, fears and issues faced by students… with practical advice on how to conquer them.

Full year access

You can access the High Performance Mindfulness course modules at anytime during your 12-month subscription and jump back in to refresh or access the helpful resources whenever you need.

High Performance Mindfulness Clients

Course Outline

Students will receive an 8 module program jam-packed with key learnings to get them into their A-Game.

If they fall behind (because hey, life happens!) it’s no drama… they have 12-month access so can catch up or repeat modules whenever it suits.

Each 15-20 minute video module is presented by high performance mindset coach Emma Murray and features engaging animations to reinforce key concepts as well as supporting PDF course notes and audio and video reference materials.

Important… we understand that your young learner has plenty on their plate with Year 11 and 12 studies so this course WILL NOT pile more work on! Instead, it will help them tap into their best strengths more readily so that they can work more efficiently, more productively and achieve better outcomes.

Getting Started

Introduction to High Performance Mindfulness course and how to get the most out of it

In this module, you’ll learn about the relationship between your ‘skillset’ and your ‘mindset’
and the powerful role your mindset plays in how you perform.

Some people just seem to be so consistently awesome at performing under pressure – right?
What’s their secret? In this module you’ll learn that we all have an ‘A-Game’ and a ‘B-Game’ and how to become more aware of yours.

To truly understand why your mind keeps going to your ‘B-Game’ and getting trapped there, we need to understand the science behind how our mind works and it’s all to do with our survival wiring!

To really perform at your best no matter how much stress you’re under or how much you’ve got going on, you need to be able to shift from your B-Game into that A-Game. In this module we introduce the ‘STOP’ tool – a process that is so simple, that it becomes automatic under any level of pressure.

When we know how to deliberately, purposefully and consciously regulate our breath so it doesn’t become dysfunctional and panicked – we can then shut off our stress response… or stop it from kicking in in the first place. In this module you’ll learn some simple breathing techniques to help you.

To move from unhelpful ‘B-Game’ thoughts we need to shift our focus and move our body.
The word ‘emotion’ means energy in motion… it is the energy that is constantly moving between our mind and our body. And if you are in an emotional state that is making you feel scared, bored, tired or anxious then you need to change this emotion… and you do this with motion.

When we are in our ‘A-Game’ we’re bringing all of our strengths to the moment to help us execute at our best. In this module we introduce a simple tool called ‘Chunking it Down’ that gives you proven, practical ways to tackle the things that are overwhelming you.

Now that you have a toolkit full of simple strategies to help you spend more time in your ‘A-Game’ than your ‘B-Game’, this module helps you practice setting yourself in your ‘A-Game’ before a performance moment like an exam.

Want to give your child an edge?

Sign them up for Emma Murray’s High Performance Mindfulness course today.

Note, the course is valuable at any point during Years 10, 11 and 12 – no matter how far into the final year/s your child may be.

'A-Game' Exams

This Masterclass includes a 60 minute pre-recorded webinar: Bring Your A-Game to Your Exams plus key resources from Emma Murray’s High Performance Mindfulness education program designed to help students excel in exams and assessments. Including Emma’s one-page exams tip sheet, our top 10 ‘Help Me’ videos – offering simple strategies to overcome the things that are stressing you out, plus four guided breathing exercises and more.

This is ideal for: Senior Students

Hear how HPM has helped others nail it

During the course you will have access to exclusive interviews with some of Emma Murray’s high profile clients who share how High Performance Mindfulness has helped them win AFL Grand Finals, Supercars Championships and Olympic Gold medals.

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