Create a Vision

Create a Vision
We talk about having dreams in life. We talk about having hopes. We talk about what we pray for, what we wish for, but we very rarely talk about a vision for our life.

We talk about having dreams in life.  We talk about having hopes.  We talk about what we pray for, what we wish for, but we very rarely talk about a vision for our life.

A vision is a picture that we create in our mind and this picture has colours and it has people, and it has a storyline.

It’s a creation of what we want our life to be… or how we want our next meeting to go, our next performance…our next game as an athlete, or our next interaction with our kids.

When we’re talking about creating a vision, we’re talking about carving out time each day to actually step into a part of our life as if it’s already happened, as if you can already see how it’s going to roll.

And you get to create it.

Let’s say you’re creating a vision for your business… imagine the people you’re working with, the money you’re making, the conversations you’re having.

Of it could be what your season of football is going to look like – or how you’re going to play in you next cricket match.

People get hung up about ‘How do I create a vision?’ – it’s as simple as bringing it to life in your mind.

Ask yourself… what will make me happy… in my job, my family life, my sport, my studies and either write it down or take a mental note.

Our mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined.  So when we create a vision in our imagination, our mind believes it to be the truth.

It’s great to do this as part of your morning routine –  when you have spent the morning imagining your day or imagining your business success or your killer performance in your next game – you go about your day making decisions and taking actions based on that vision.

You may not believe it, but your mind is so easy to manipulate.

We know this because we feed it with so much information around:

‘we’re not good enough’

‘we’re hopeless’

‘you’re not very good at public speaking’

‘don’t get up’

‘don’t ask that question in that meeting’

‘people will think you’re hopeless’

We believe that negative mind and we take action from it.

So how about we start feeding our mind a picture of the things that we are good at so our mind starts taking actions accordingly.

Try doing it on a morning walk.  Just walk and imagine and really try and get into the feelings of what your imagining.

When we feel it.

When we see it.

When we can hear the words of it.

That’s when our mind believes it’s true.

Don’t over complicate it. There is no right or wrong.

You’ll know it’s right because it will move you so much.

Just persist in creating that vision because your mind will start making decisions from that belief.

And you know what, when you suddenly create a vision that you’re someone who’s a morning person, who owns your day, who is in control of their life… your mind believes that and takes actions from that.

If you don’t know where to start, this little visualisation might help.  Good luck.