Why we should ditch New Year promises

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Emma Murray discusses why New Year’s Resolutions set you up to fail and shares some of the simple daily exercises that her elite athlete clients use to create sustainable habits to keep you performing at your best.

Dustin Martin’s mindfulness coach Emma Murray wants New Year’s resolutions to be given the boot.

Murray a high-performance mindfulness coach who works with the Richmond Football Club, motor racing ace Scott McLaughlin, Formula Three champion Oscar Piastri and Olympians including Cate Campbell and Morgan Mitchell, says the dreaded New Year resolutions set people up to fail.

She believes people should adopt positive habits to help change their behaviour rather than make unrealistic, pointless pledges.

“The way our mind works is we think a date on a calendar is all of a sudden going to make us feel better — ‘if I can get through Christmas and I can get to the new year then everything is going to be OK — like because it is January 1 the fatigue is erased and the grind is gone,” Murray said.

“It does not actually work like that.

“Coming off the year we have had, I am genuinely concerned about the number of New Year resolutions that we are going to be making and that we are actually setting ourselves up to fail. We make a whole lot of resolutions and by the second week of the year we have broken them all.”

As an alternative to resolutions, Murray will launch 21 days of “High Performance Habits” on her Instagram @highperformance mindfulness on January 1.

“I have taken the top 21 habits that I bring into the lives of a lot of my elite athletes and some of them are really simple like putting your feet on the floor in the morning and grounding yourself into the day,” she said.

– Fiona Byrne