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Emma Murray is the secret behind the success of some of the country’s top athletes and is now helping everyday Aussie’s achieve their goals. Watch Emma’s interview on 7 News.

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SEN Interview with Sam Edmund

Mindfulness and performance coach Emma Murray joined SEN’s Sam Edmund to talk about the importance of mindfulness after a disruptive 2020 and how we can perform at our best for 2021.

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Why we should ditch New Year promises

Emma Murray discusses why New Year’s Resolutions set you up to fail and shares some of the simple daily exercises that her elite athlete clients use to create sustainable habits to keep you performing at your best.

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New Bomber Perkins draws on special bond

When Archie Perkins’ name was called out at Wednesday night’s AFL draft, the Essendon recruit knew exactly who to turn to.
After hugging his dad and then his mum, Perkins made his way to the end of his pub table and embraced a young man in a wheelchair – his close friend Will Murray.

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Supercars champ Scott McLaughlin elaborated on how AFL club mindset coach Emma Murray helped him keep focused on his way to winning the 2018 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.

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